Miracle Recovery

Lyn Overton - April 2004

Ken and Lyn Overton's life suddenly changed, as a result of Lyn having a broken leg, a clot activated causing a pulmonary embolus, cardiac arrest and serious brain damage.

Doctors reported that Lyn was clinically medically dead for over 30 minutes, then rushed to hospital and placed on life support.



Miracle Recovery

Ken Overton - March, 2009

Ken was diagnosed with acute necrotic pancreatitis. This is a serious illness which can be life threatening. Ken was on life support for nearly 4 months in ICU and a total of 8 months in hospital.

He had multiple organ failure, internal bleeding and series of other events.




Where there's life there's hope

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Ken & Lyn's journey

Medical experts call Tasmanian couple Ken and Lyn Overton's recoveries "miraculous"view the journey on DVD.


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